[Tutorial] Preloader Splash Page

Having a splash page or a preloading screen on your website can greatly improve the User Experience while the site is loading on a slower connection speed.
In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement a simple but effective preloader to your website with minimal to no coding skill required.This is a simple and elegant solution that is ready-made for implementation to any site.

New opportunity arises! Tube Alert

How exciting! I have just been recruited to work with the amazing people over at Tube Alert. Tube Alert is a mobile app that builds upon the foundation of YouTube and expands upon its functionality. The main focus of the app is to make YouTube better then what it currently is and expand its functionality. Specifically, one of the issues is where some subscribers don’t receive notifications about their favourite YouTuber’s newest video uploads. This results in subscribers missing out on some new content.

My responsibilities will include graphics design for the app, website and promotional materials. I am also tasked with improving the User Experience and graphical fidelity of their mobile app.

I am really looking forward to this project. It is a really interesting opportunity to further advance my skills in User Experience Design and Graphics Design.

September Status!

August and September was filled with lots of action and work! I just want to give you this small update on how things are going. I will be adding new elements to my portfolio and I will publish a case study concerning Gameforge Live client.

Portfolio coming soon

I’ve started to get in touch with most of my major clients and asked them to give me testimonials, and asked for their permission to showcase some or all of the works I have done for and with them in my portfolio. Some of them have already responded kindly to my request, other have denied it. Either way, I will keep poking my clients for permissions and testimonials for my site. If you are one of those clients who has not been contacted yet, please be patient.

When I contact a client for testimonials and portfolio elements I send them the full showcase design for their particular project.  I write the introduction text, the showcase display texts cut images and such. These take some time, so don’t think I have forgotten you. I am just busy with work and pre-building all the elements to best represent the work we have done together.

Great Customer Support From Adobe!

Today’s start was not as I planned it out to be. After a good night’s sleep, I did my usual morning routine: brew a hot cocoa, check e-mails from clients, and browse 9gag to jump-start my morning. After I was done with these I wanted to start working.

I fired up Photoshop… or rather I wanted to, since It kept crashing with this error: “Adobe Photoshop CC is not responding,”. After a brief Google search I tried a few suggested solutions but It was still crashing on me. The worst part was that all Adobe products gave me that message and I had no idea why. Panic started to seep in.

Hello Universe!

It is an incredible feeling when you launch your site. It is less incredible to know that while it is technically working, the site still needs a lot of polish and more functions need to be implemented. I believe it will be an on-going process for a fair while.

However, the most important thing is that my site is up and running. I am excited that I have gotten the blog system implemented already! Hopefully, I can finalize the projects and portfolio sections during the coming months.

This site is an incredible adventure for me.

When I first launched my site, it was merely a simple contact form. But as version numbers grew and years passed it started to grow into something else. We are at the XIX version of this site by now, and it has changed a lot. The reason behind so many versions is simple: I am never satisfied with the work I do for myself. I am probably my own worst client.

I will write up a few tips for designers on design and how to make their own website in the future. I hope that those tips and guides will help other designers avoid the pitfalls that I fell in as I was learning.

I plan to blog quite a bit often from now on; and plan to do a lot of cool things with this site in the future. And finally, hopefully, no more design changes! At least not for 4 years! I promise! ;)