Gabor Guzsik Fren Mixer Portfolio cover

Microsoft – Mixer

In May 2014, one of my long-time clients approached me with his new idea. A sub-second latency live streaming platform.

I was the initial designer responsible for the UI and UX of the project. We worked side by side with developers and engineers, and I wrote front-end code and organized the project’s deliverable milestones.

After we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our beta streamers and viewers, we began work on what later became Mixer.

Mixer Hompage

Design for Accretion

In just 6 years since its start Mixer (originally Beam) grew from few hundred active users a month to 50.000.000+ MAU. Our team grew from a few developers and a designer to have our own Studio.

In 2016, after a week of hardcore development and design work, Beam won TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Beam was picked from 22 featured startups to win the Startup Battlefield.

Later that year, Microsoft acquired Beam, and we were brought on board to create an amazing experience for gamers worldwide.

My Role

During my time at Microsoft and Mixer, I worked on various projects on multiple platforms. Personally, I went from a freelancer to a full-fledged senior designer with a UX specialty.

I worked closely with engineers, developers, user researchers, and project managers on various projects, including mobile apps, Xbox Console, and desktop web and mobile apps. My designs reached millions of users, and the Experiences I worked on have formed positive vibes with the community that last even to this date, many years after the project’s cancellation.