Portfolio coming soon

I’ve started to get in touch with most of my major clients and asked them to give me testimonials, and asked for their permission to showcase some or all of the works I have done for and with them in my portfolio. Some of them have already responded kindly to my request, other have denied it. Either way, I will keep poking my clients for permissions and testimonials for my site. If you are one of those clients who has not been contacted yet, please be patient.

When I contact a client for testimonials and portfolio elements I send them the full showcase design for their particular project.  I write the introduction text, the showcase display texts cut images and such. These take some time, so don’t think I have forgotten you. I am just busy with work and pre-building all the elements to best represent the work we have done together.

September Status!

August and September were incredibly busy months for me. Some of the things I worked on during the past couple months will be shared more in detail later. They will most definitely be showcased on my upcoming portfolio. I am getting more and more excited to bring you my portfolio. However, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am alive and well; working as hard as ever to bring more quality content your way. In the meantime, here are some quick notes on the things that are currently going on and what I am working on!

My work with MCProHosting and Beam is really amazing! I wish I could share more details regarding the upcoming features, but I cannot at this stage. All I can say is that there were really hard UX problems to solve, which required me to dig deep in my studies to find some really creative solutions.

During the last week or so, I have started working on a new case study. I play Aion in my free time. Aion requires me to use a launcher called Gameforge Live. Since I am a UX and GUI expert, I noticed some problems with this particular piece of software. I decided that am going to do a case study on the launcher focusing on UX and Graphic Design. I will outline some of the most striking problems. My aim is to improve the usability of the software and remove some UX problems to make the launcher more appealing for the users.

I have also given some thought to developing my own game in the future. To that end, I have started the process of enrolling in Game Design courses. To further this, I have also continued my studies in concept art and digital illustration/painting. These skills will come in handy during the development of my games and many other projects. I am already seeing how these skills have proved themslves for clients who wanted Game UIs and graphic work. I believe I will be able to allocate a little more time to expanding these skills soon. Either way, it is something I am very interested in!

I have managed to land new projects that are very interesting to me in their nature. One project is a complete GUI art for an upcoming mobile game. The other is graphics heavy site for a comic strip.

I have sent out the first round of inqueries to my clients regarding portfolio participation. I will be sending the next round shortly. Please expect an e-mail from me in the upcoming weeks. I expect the portfolio data-gathering phase will be done by the end of October.

Stand by for more and as always: Keep it AWESOME!